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Aimee Bibb, MSW


I am Aimee Sullivan Bibb, from Juneau, Alaska. I am a grandmother, mother, sister, daughter, student, social worker, and scribe. My grandmothers played a significant role in influencing my life. I have Irish tendencies; however, my kind Yupik friends have enlightened me. As a social worker, I have provided crisis counseling for children and families. I work with adults who live with distresses of mental un-wellness. My full-time job is through Catholic Community Service as an in-home counselor and advocate for seniors, elders, and their caregivers.

I was born in Juneau in 1961 and lived "in the woods" south of Juneau. My parents were teachers and community workers who served Juneau generously. My family provided the framework that inspired me to become a social worker. In the early 1900's my great aunts managed an Orphanage in Great Falls, Montana. My mother, a Montessori teacher, brought breakfast, clothing, and encouragement to children and newcomers alike as she taught at Harborview Elementary. My father started the Juneau-Douglas High School Alpine and Cross-Country Skiing Teams, which he gently insisted needed to include females. Seeing a need in the community to include First People's talent and leadership, he next petitioned to have the Alaska Native Carving Arts Class in the Juneau-Douglas High School. He humbly became a student to many talented and energetic Alaskan Artists. My fine parents retired from teaching children and next taught residents of Lemon Creek Correctional Institution. I plan to continue to love and encourage others, in this tradition.

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Jennifer Peck, MSW, LCSW


Jennifer Peck, MSW, LSW is a graduate of Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania (MSW). Her experience includes seven years of social work practice in child welfare casework and child welfare advocacy as a social work consultant for Penn State Dickinson Law School Community Law Clinic in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. She also served as an elected official on Dauphin Borough Council in Dauphin, Pennsylvania for one year. Jen is a Licensed Social Worker in Pennsylvania and currently waiting for approval to take the clinical licensing exam in Alaska, her current home state.

She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CMHIMP), and trained and working towards certification in Eye Movement Desensitation and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR). She is a therapist with three years clinical experience. She is actively serving on the NASW-AK Conference Planning Committee and Interim Vice President on the Board of Directors.

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Heather Herron, MSW

Northern Regional Representative

Heather Herron, MSW, Texas State University, 2020. Heather has worked to serve children and families in various setties including homelessness/housing and child protecting work. After several years she is now the Program Manager of Children and Youth Services (CYS) in Utqiaġvik, AK. Through her work at CYS, Heather has been striving to implement systemic changes within residential care settings to improve outcomes for children and youth and their families through the lenses of decolonization and cultural safety. Recently, Heather has joined the Maternal and Child Death Review committee and hopes to assist in identifying issues contributing to mortality rates in Alaska.

"As the Northern Representative, my vision for NASW is to see the efforts of the organization lead to a growth in the number of professional Social Workers in and from the state of Alaska. I will contribute to that vision by remaining active in the NASW board and working to strengthen connections between rural and urban social workers by recruiting them to be active members of NASW."

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Erin Lusk, LMSW

South Central Regional Unit: Seat 1

Erin Lusk, LMSW, I completed my Bachelor of Social Work degree, graduating Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Alaska Anchorage in 2016. I went on to receive my Master’s in Social Work from Walden University in 2020, graduating with honors. Presently, I work for LINKS Resource Center as the Program Director of High Utilizer Mat-Su (HUMS). Prior to this position I worked in care coordination, organ and tissue recovery coordination, and emergency department social work. While working as an emergency department social worker I partnered with the ER director and several community partners to start the HUMS Program to meet needs in the community that had been documented in research performed by the Mat-Su Health Foundation. I have been an NASW member since 2014, attending conferences, trainings, and LEAD Day classes

Luvenia Johnson Headshot
Luvenia V. Johnson, LMSW

South Central Regional Unit: Seat 2

Luvenia Johnson, LMSW, andd graduate of USC School of Social Work, 2014. I have 15 years of experience working in the field of social work, including 6+ years in supervisory roles and leading multi-diciplinary teams. I am pursuing a LCSW and Trauma Specialist Certification. I am a strong believer in remaining current with best practices using evidence based techniques. I provide consultations to patients by providing leadership in patient care planning and caseload management which ensures improved efficiency and effectiveness in services delivered. I actively promote patient/family autonomy by ensuring their participation in the planning, decision-making, and development of problem-solving abilities. I enjoy building relationships and providing much needed resources to enable patients with tools for success.

My vision of NASW-AK would be that all social workers have the opportunity for affiliation, engagement and membership to their professional organization. I will contribute to the vision by maintaining active membership, actively participating on the NASW-AK board, attending board meetings and participating on one or more committees, and engaging in opportunities to share information of the profession organization while networking with other social workers and other professions.

Estelle Cowie, MSW, MS, CDC-S

Southeast Regional Unit

Erika Noll, LMSW

Western Regional Unit

Nels Olson

MSW Student Representative

Tanya Lange

BSW Student Representative

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Tonie Protzman, MS, CDC, PSP III

Executive Director

Tonie Protzman, whose Native name, Yethnhahnilats, means “makes her life strong,” is an enrolled descendant in the Turtle Clan of the Oneida Tribe in Oneida, WI. Tonie was raised and remains in Anchorage, Alaska with her Iñupiat Eskimo daughter, Paisley. 

Protzman holds a Master of Science (MS) degree in Clinical Psychology and a bachelor’s degree in Justice and Psychology both degrees from the University of Alaska Anchorage. She was a PhD Candidate with the University of Alaska Fairbanks Clinical Community Psychology Program with rural and indigenous emphasis, as well. Since graduating with her MS, Protzman has worked in the nonprofit and public sectors of behavioral and mental health. Currently, Protzman is the Assistant Operations Manager at the non-profit Christian Health Associates (CHA), where she is also the Program Director at Cornerstone Recovery (CHA is the parent company). In addition, she is also the Executive Director of the Alaska Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Prior to NASW, Protzman was the Executive Director with the Alaska Psychological Association (AK-PA). 
Protzman shares she has a vocation to work with individuals and communities struggling with alcohol use disorders (AUD). She is passionate about reducing stigma associated with alcohol misuse and disseminating information/access to AUD services and care to Alaska communities. Protzman is a Governor Dunleavy appointee to the State of Alaska Mental Health Board. She also sits on the Anchorage Behavioral Health Coalition. 
Protzman’s role as NASW Executive Director will be to increase membership, develop the chapter’s strategic/succession plans and to advocate for social workers in both traditional and non-traditional roles in Alaska and Washington, D.C. She plans to expand continuing education resources that address cultural trainings specific to social worker licensing requirements and to strengthen local presence and impact around the state of Alaska through development of relationships with statewide prevention program partners. 
As a first-generation college graduate, Protzman is a devoted mentor, supporting historically underserved populations in Alaska studying higher education. Protzman mentors’ students and professionals new to the behavioral health field with the University of Alaskan Anchorage and with the Women’s Power League of Alaska. 
Protzman is a dynamic and powerful American Native woman who is passionate about reducing stigma in Alaska communities regarding receiving behavioral/mental health services. She dreams of one day to have a world stigma free of receiving such services – “it should be the same as going to your routine medical appointment.” Protzman has solid business expertise serving in association management and advocacy while networked throughout the State of Alaska and beyond. Tonie is active in her community, serving on several national and statewide boards and committees that address stigma associated with alcohol misuse.  

Publications (PEN NAME: Quaintance) 

Rivkin, I.D., Lopez, E., Trimble, J., Johnson, S., Orr, E., & Quaintance, T. (2018). Cultural values, coping, and hope in Yup’ik communities facing rapid cultural change. Journal of Community Psychology, 45(1), 1-17.

Rivkin, I., Johnson, S., Lopez, E., Trimble, J., Quaintance, T., & Orr, E. (2017).  Yup’ik understanding of stress within the context of rapid cultural change. Journal of Community Psychology, 45(1), 33-52.

Rivkin, ID, Lopez, EDS, Quaintance, TM, Trimble, J, Hopkins, S, Fleming, C, Orr, E, & Mohatt, GV (2012). Value of community partnership for understanding stress and coping in rural Yup’ik communities: The CANHR study. Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice.


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Are you interested in advocating for change?

Are you interested in the legislative process? If so then we would love for you to join our Social Action Committee. We are currently gearing up for 2022-2023 and need your input. Please contact Tonie Protzman, MSfor more information.